Peter Hoskin

Back at square one?

Back at square one?
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With Israeli troops conducting operations in Gaza over the weekend, it’s well worth reading (or re-reading) Lorna Fitzsimons’ prescient article for the Spectator. Fitzsimons concludes her piece as follows:

“What is plain is that the past seven years of attacks — and the dramatic increase in the past few months — have been unbearable for so many Israelis. Israel has acted with a commendable level of restraint that in all probability no other country in the world would have shown when under attack. Israel may well have to re-occupy large parts of Gaza, essentially admitting that its 2005 experiment of unilateral withdrawal failed — it wasn’t able to bring security to the region by giving back Gaza without a clear partner for peace on the other side. And where will all this leave Israel? Back at square one, pondering her next step in the search for a land-for-peace deal.”