Breitbart’s loss is Nigel Farage’s gain - or is it?

Breitbart's loss is Nigel Farage's gain - or is it?
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It’s no great surprise that Raheem Kassam, the troublesome managing editor of Breitbart London, has left his job. Kassam is a wildly self-important figure who flits about on the internet Right. Mr Kassam is famed for his inflated sense of self-importance, and Mr S particularly enjoyed the write up of the new job, mysteriously under an anonymous by-line on Breitbart:

'Breitbart London understands from senior UKIP sources that Kassam was picked specifically for his political nous and campaigning prowess.'

What’s intriguing, though, is Kassam's new job: he has been taken on as a ‘senior adviser’ by Nigel Farage. Kassam is a professional wind-up merchant, of sorts, too — and trained in the arts of vicious American-style attack politics - which we can now expect Ukip to adopt. Which is all a little bit at odds with the party's moans about the Tories attacking Mark Reckless on an highly personal level in the Rochester by-election. If the reaction online to news of the move is anything to go by, and if Ukip is trying to be popular, they could hardly have picked a more unsuitable hire.