James Forsyth

Cameron has a PMQs trump card - he won the election

Cameron has a PMQs trump card - he won the election
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The first PMQs after an election victory is a moment to savour for a Prime Minister. He knows that the result gives him a trump card he can play again and again.

So, it was unsurprising that Harriet Harman made little progress against Cameron. He treated it as a gentle net session, meeting each question with a slightly more aggressive and expansive answer. He did, though, seem slightly discombobulated by Ed Balls’ absence. Early on he made a joke about Balls’ defeat and then looked over to where Balls used to sit to drive the point home, but Balls – of course — wasn’t there.

The main event today, though, wasn’t Harman’s questions but the fact that the Westminster leader of the SNP Angus Robertson gets two questions, a product of them being the third party in the House. Robertson used his opportunity well. He asked two thoughtful and well-pitched questions about the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. You could tell that there was a certain wariness in Cameron’s responses.

But the exchange of the day came when the new Labour MP Catherine Smith asked Cameron when the UK would regain its Triple A credit rating. It was a clever question and one that Cameron didn’t want to answer. So, he instead declared that Smith clearly understood the importance of fiscal responsibility and, therefore, got why Labour lost. Cameron concluded that she should run for Labour leader.