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Coffee House shots: What’s next for the Brexit campaign?

Coffee House shots: What's next for the Brexit campaign?
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The EU referendum rumbles ever closer but after a bad week for the leave campaign following Barack Obama's controversial intervention can those calling for Brexit fight back? And is Nicky Morgan staging a climbdown over Tory plans for academies? Spectator editor Fraser Nelson speaks to James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman about what this week holds.

Speaking on today's Coffee House podcast, Isabel says those calling for Brexit must now find a way of calming peoples' fears about what life outside the EU would look like. She says:

'I think it was definitely a much better week for remain than for leave because you had the most powerful man in the world making an intervention on the remain side. Even if some voters resented being lectured by a foreign politician it was the doubts that Obama would have sown in their mind about the Brexit case that leave need to respond to. Now they need to calm peoples' fears about what life outside of the EU would look like.'

But how will the leave campaign go about doing that? James Forsyth says that part of their strategy was made clear in Boris Johnson's article in the Daily Telegraph this morning.

James says:

'I think you also see another strand of the leave campaign's strategy on Boris Johnson's piece in the Telegraph this morning which is essentially to portray the leave campaign as the plucky people against the elite and the establishment.'

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