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Davis for Home Secretary?

Davis for Home Secretary?
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The Express’ William Hickey column reports that David Davis, not Chris Grayling, will serve as Home Secretary should the Tories win the election. Here’s what Hickey heard:

‘I’m now told there have been mounting whispers among MPs that Grayling could lose out to David Davis for the Home Secretary’s job should the Tories win the general election. Only this week Davis, who stood down from the shadow post last year in order to champion civil liberties at a by-election, signalled he was ready to return to frontbench politics if offered a “proper job”.

A colleague tells me: “David has never really been part of Cameron’s inner circle but many of them privately agree he’s still the best qualified to be Home Secretary if the general election goes to plan.”

David Davis’ numerous backbench interventions on civil liberties and the inequities of Google have caused the Tory leadership no amount of embarrassment. The solution is to offer him a senior cabinet post, and the leadership would benefit from Davis’ ministerial experience and his popular following on the right of the party. Chris Grayling has made an impact whilst shadowing Home: by introducing the ‘Frank Gallagher Generation’ to British political discourse and comparing Britain to The Wire. The Dannatt gaffe should preclude Grayling from assuming one of the highest offices of state, and Davis is the obvious successor. However, David Cameron’s emphasis on poverty and compassion will require the Home Office to promote policies akin to ‘hoodie’ hugging, in order to tackling re-offending and criminality among the young. Does David Davis have the appetite for progressive politics?