Peter Hoskin

Does Miliband the elder represent Labour’s future?

Does Miliband the elder represent Labour's future?
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Danny Finkelstein's right: there are some surprising results in today's ComRes poll for the Independent.  The one which catches my eye is that David Miliband would be the most successful alternative leader at reducing the Tories' poll lead.  Along with Jack Straw, the poll suggests, he would make Labour the largest party in a hung parliament.

Now, I'm frequently surprised at how popular the elder Miliband remains in Labour circles.  But - after the failed coup of last year, the banana and Heseltine moments, and that disastrous trip to India, among other embarrassments - I'd assumed that that popularity wouldn't stretch to more general voters, and that, say, Alan Johnson would do more for Labour's chances.  Maybe not, it seems.

I suspect the question preying on a few Labour minds this morning will be whether Miliband really does represent their future. Or whether these latest findings are all down to name recogntion.