Donald Trump on Parliament ban debate: ‘I hear I had a very big success’

Donald Trump on Parliament ban debate: 'I hear I had a very big success'
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On Monday MPs gathered in Westminster Hall to debate whether or not Donald Trump should be allowed to visit Britain, after over 500,000 Brits signed a petition calling for Trump to be banned from the UK. Ahead of the debate, the SNP's Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh argued that Trump ought to be banned as otherwise 'what we’re saying is, if you’re a prospective presidential candidate, it’s alright to say what you want'.

So what did the man of the moment make of the debate which saw MPs call him a, others took the opportunity to call the Presidential hopeful a 'fool' and 'buffoon'? It turns out that despite being insulted by several politicians, Trump hears it was a 'very big success'. Speaking to Sky News's Kay Burley, Trump thanked the British people for their support:

'I have a great deal of supporters in the United Kingdom. We receive thousands and thousands of letters and emails and tweets. sayng that 'you're so right' 'you're so right' and that thousands of people agree with me and as you know the whole thing went nowhere.'

What's more, Trump says that he could get more people to respond to one of his tweet than signed the debate petition:

'I'm honoured by the tremendous support I had in the UK, and that whole thing went away, very few people even showed up to talk about it. I was sort of surprised at what happenned, 500,000 votes today is a whole different thing than it would have been 10 years ago. I have -- between Twitter and Facebook - 11 or 12 million people, I could get that many with one tweet.

But I will say I was really honoured by the way the people stuck up for me because the people of the UK they really stuck up for me and you know it.'

What ever will Ahmed-Sheikh say?

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