Peter Hoskin

Esther Rantzen MP?

Esther Rantzen MP?
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So, it's been confirmed: Esther Rantzen is going to stand for Parliament as an independent.  One thing she hasn't said is what seat she'll run for - although it's expected to be Luton South, currently held by the disgraced Margaret Moran.

Is Rantzen's kind of intervention the first of many?  I wouldn't be surprised.  After all, if you're someone with popular appeal, who is set apart from the political process, then there's never been a better time to put yourself forward.  More importantly, though, is this a good or a bad thing?  I'm naturally wary of the celebritisation of politics.  But, then again, this could be just the thing to reinvigorate our democracy, and get people to the polling booths.

In the end, I guess it simply comes down to whether Rantzen and her ilk will make effective, honest MPs or not.  On that front, I imagine most people will be thinking: they can't be worse than the current lot.  Watch this space.