Euan Blair to the rescue?

Euan Blair to the rescue?
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This week Tony Blair managed to say something surprising. In a rare sighting of modesty, the former prime minister said that he was not the man to lead a new centre party.

But could another Blair be the man for the job? Mr S only asks after the Guardian reported that the new centre party in the works – linked to LoveFilm's Simon Franks and £50m of potential funding – has links to Blair's son Euan:

'One person who was approached to join the fledgling organisation was told Euan Blair was on its board, and his father, the former Labour prime minister, had been helpful in recommending potential donors. Other sources confirmed Euan Blair’s name had been associated with the project.'

Well, Mr S for one is relieved that there could be another red prince lined up to save us should David Miliband conclude that he is more 'attracted' to his £425,000 a year job in New York than the UK politics scene.