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For God and Ulster and Michigan...

For God and Ulster and Michigan...
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As readers may know by now, I'm hopelessly in love with college football. Within that realm, I follow the University of Michigan. Today, the Wolverines travel to South Bend, Indiana to face Notre Dame. The two most successful programs in college football history go face to face in what is, given their respective recent travails, a Cripple Fight for the ages. UPDATE: Well, that didn't go as well as it might have did it? Always tough to win when you give the opposition a three touchdown start...

I think I've said before that I don't care for the Fighting Irish:

It's often said that the definition of intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing opinions simultaneously. Perhaps so. But the Notre Dame fanbase specialises in clinging to a brace of emotions, namely paranoia and entitlement. This is a caustic and unhealthy mix prejudicial to sound mental health.

Sadly, even shamefully, I've never actually attended a UM-ND game. I was supposed to go a few years ago, but work or something equally foolish intervened. Working on the doubtless juvenile presumption that sport is enlivened not diminished by good-natured sectarianism, my contribution to the festivities was limited to suggesting that my Wolverine pals fly this flag at the tailgate:


I don't know how many Notre Dame fans got the joke. (That's the Red Hand of Ulster, in case you didn't recognise the flag.)

Bonus coverage: here's a piece I wrote last year for the Sunday Business Post in Dublin on "The Decline and Fall of the Fighting Irish".

Also, below the fold, evidence emerges that John McCain is no friend to the Irish...

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