Peter Hoskin

Gordon Brown on fighting and winning...

Gordon Brown on fighting and winning...
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Ok, I know Labour circulars will always fly the party flag – but the email that's just gone out in Gordon Brown's name has to win some sort of prize for sheer party political effrontery.  With the subject line "When we fight we win," here's how it begins:

"If there’s one thing that our recent by-election successes and this week's coverage about the £34 billion credibility gap in the Tories’ spending plans shows us, it’s that when we fight, we win.

I know that despite the icy conditions, so many of you are preparing to go out campaigning this weekend. That, for me, says it all about the spirit of our Labour Party – we never give in, we never give up, we fight for progress house by house, street by street, day by day." I'll spare you the rest – and leave you to ponder whether this is some sort of message to Brown's internal rivals in the wake of the H&H plot.