David Blackburn

Government in waiting?

Government in waiting?
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I’m sceptical of the value of newspaper endorsements. Readers are often irritated by being told which way to jump - if you’ve read the letters page of the Times recently you’ll know what I mean. However, the weight of Fleet Street support for the Tories is significant.

In addition to the usual suspects, the Sun, the Times, the Financial Times and the Economist have all defected from New Labour since 2005. Today, the Evening Standard joins them, endorsing the Conservatives in a general election for the first time since 1997. As with the endorsements in the Times, the Economist and the FT, Labour's exhaustion, Cameron's comparative vitality and the belief that the Tories have sufficient will to reduce the deficit was the tipping point:

The Conservatives have as yet not given enough detail about how they would reduce the deficit, but we can take seriously their promise to do so faster than Labour. And while Labour has claimed that too-early cuts would damage the economy, it is hard to see how the extra £6 billion of cuts promised so far by the Tories would seriously undermine the recovery.’