Has Kay Burley’s dog obsession gone too far?

Has Kay Burley's dog obsession gone too far?
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In the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, Kay Burley became the subject of much mockery online after she tweeted a photo of a dog in the French city, with the caption 'sadness in his eyes'. Readers were quick to question whether it was an appropriate message in the wake of 129 deaths.

Since then, Burley has done her bit to try and justify the tweet. Last month she presented a section on dogs being able to read human emotions, concluding that the dog on set had 'happiness' in its eyes -- as Guido noted:

However rather than draw the whole episode to a close, the segment appears to have simply spurred a frenzy of new canine tales. These days, barely a day goes by on Sky News without mention of a dog. Recent pooch stories on the channel include Kay Burley -- who has three dogs as pets -- asking: 'Can dogs fly?'

Burley also chaired a debate after a foxhound was run over by police:

Just yesterday she interviewed the writer Joanne Roberts about her new book 'Confessions of a Guide Dog':

In fact, Burley's commitment to running dog stories has even attracted the attention of dog-inspired businesses:


Given that Sky News aims to focus on 'top stories from business, politics, entertainment', Mr S suspects that they ought to either change their mission statement -- or tone down the dog content.

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