Has Nigel Farage got David Cameron running scared?

Has Nigel Farage got David Cameron running scared?
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With Parliament in recess, David Cameron is able to use this week to focus on the upcoming EU referendum. To do this, the Prime Minister was scheduled to visit Brussels tomorrow morning where he would appear at the EU Conference of Presidents.


Alas it appears that Cameron has now had a change of heart about the event which would have seen him come face to face with his old foe Nigel Farage. The Ukip leader says that although he received official documentation confirming he would meet Cameron at tomorrow's event, he has now heard that Cameron may not attend:

While an EU Parliament spokesman says that Cameron is unable to make the meeting due to 'time constraints', Farage is not taking the snub lying down. He says it shows that Cameron is scared he will expose how pitiful the Prime Minister's EU deal is, adding that Cameron is 'chicken'. Surely it's time Ukip brains asked Labour to lend them some of the chicken suits that they splashed £600 on in the general election?