Peter Hoskin

Has that Tory poster made Brown’s job easier in PMQs?

Has that Tory poster made Brown's job easier in PMQs?
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Yesterday's Guardian story about a potential death tax would have been perfect material for Cameron in PMQs. Even after Andy Burnham's denials, there are still legitimate questions to be asked about it. For instance, would the government say that they will never propose the tax? And, if not, how will they pay for their social care guarantees otherwise? Fired across the dispatch box, these enquiries could have put Brown on the back foot.

But now that the Tories have jumped the gun, and released that poster attacking a Labour policy which isn't actually a Labour policy, they've rather limited that line of questioning. If the death tax comes up, all Brown need do is point to the poster and cry foul play. He can even throw in a few words like  

"misleading," for good measure.

Sure, you could say that it would be more than a bit rich of Brown to moan about misinformation. I'd agree with you. But that's not the point: the point is that he's been given an undeserved footing onto the moral high ground. Coupled with this week's Ashcroft rumblings, you can expect our PM to wax sanctimonious today.