Damian Thompson

Has the Guardian just called it for Cameron?

Has the Guardian just called it for Cameron?
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The Guardian/Observer website is running with this story headed 'Britain set to face weeks of political paralysis after election poll'. That's a safe prediction.

But what's intriguing is that the article – by Daniel Boffey, Toby Helm and Ashley Cowburn – is entirely devoted to the prospect of an extremely shaky Conservative-Lib Dem coalition, harassed or indeed blocked by Vince Cable and right-wing Tories.

There's no discussion of a Miliband-led government. Interesting. The Labour-supporting Guardian and Observer give the impression that they're very tentatively calling it for Dave (despite insisting that's it's 'too close to call').

The piece went up last night, before the nationwide mockery of Ed Miliband's plan to erect 'a giant monument to his own manifesto', as Matthew Holehouse of the Telegraph describes it. (Even lefty Twitter is revelling in #EdStone.) Short of planting a statue of a bacon sarnie in Number 10, it's hard imagine a more idiotic stunt.

Nick Clegg has called it Ed's 'tombstone' and I wonder if it was in the back of his mind when he changed his line on the EU referendum this morning.

James Forsyth asks today if there will be a late surge to the Tories. My instinct says yes.