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Hey, pilgrim! You forgot your pop-gun!

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A tip of the stetson to Radley Balko for reminding (that is, telling) me that today is the thirtieth anniversary of John Wayne's death.

It's tough to pick one's favourites from a great career that spanned 171 movies but, though I know that in many ways The Searchers and Stagecoach are the greatest of the Duke's movies, my five favourites are:

Red River

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence

Rio Bravo

The Horse Soldiers

What are yours? Below the jump, some clips!

UPDATE: James Joyner joins the party. I second his endorsement of Rooster Cogburn.

From Red River:

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon:


And, of course, the great song from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence:

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