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Hillary Clinton’s Entrancing, Bewitching Power?

Hillary Clinton's Entrancing, Bewitching Power?
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Andrew Sullivan really doesn't like Hillary Clinton. Fair enough. I look forward to seeing him make the case for Barack Obama in next month's Atlantic. Andrew's taken to calling Hillary "Nixon in a Pant Suit" and "She Who Is Inevitable".  Again, fair enough and good knockabout stuff. The latter appelation, mind you, made me wonder whether Andrew is riffing on Rumpole of the Bailey's wife Hilda who is, famously, "She Who Must Be Obeyed".

This itself, of course, takes us back to H Rider Haggard's classic novel She in which a mysterious, beautiful and immortal sorceress somewhere in deepest recesses of the dark continent enslaves the local tribes: she's a masculine nightmare - terrifying yet irresistible.

God knows what it all means - or what, if anything, Andrew is insinuating - and perhaps it's best to leave it to others to speculate...  Even so, is it really probable - or even possible - that Hillary Clinton is, well, Ursula Andress?


Of course Ayesha has been waiting thousands of years for the reincarnation of her long-lost lover, whereas Hillary has only had to endure eight years before her restoration*...

*Perhaps Andrew can draw comfort from Ayesha's immolation just as she was on the point of achieving her grandest goal of all...

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