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How much for a politician?

How much for a politician?
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I never nod in agreement more with any piece than with Charles Moore’s diary, and in today’s edition of the magazine he says Derek Conway:

“...exclaims that ‘An MP is paid less than a sous-chef in the Commons’ as if  this were a self-evident absurdity… he wants what he sees as the befitting lifestyle and thinks the taxpayer should pay for it.”

As Charles points out, Conway has at least been frank in saying an MP should get between £80k and £100k. The problem is that MPs’ mates in the City regard this as a reasonable fee. I have heard several MPs say the same – that they want a “proper” salary. What’s the going rate for a politician? Here is a chart from the House of Commons pay review panel which (for me) cast a lot of light on the subject:

MPs' pay table from Review Body on Senior Salaries, Report 64, Annex C

  MPs' pay,


MPs represent, 000s Salary of PM or equivalent,


USA 101,975 696 246,914
Italy 101,039 94 141,332
Canada 75,779 107 151,558
UK 60,675 94 188,848
Netherlands 59,570 113 91,429
Germany 59,231 134 133,796
Ireland 58,866 24 167,791
France 57,941 111 168,383
Australia 56,471 113 146,825
New Zealand 51,471 33 151,261
Norway 43,621 30 79,473
Sweden 42,805 26 101,955
Spain 29,233 129 72,019

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