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If Holland is being “Islamicised” how can this happen?

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Lisa Schiffren at National Review:

The famously tolerant Dutch, whose nation has the highest emigration of any European country as the native born flee the effects of multi-culturalism, Islamisation, and the after effects of legalizing everything, have come up with a new line to cross. Public sex in Amsterdam's city parks will now be legal. But only for gays.

So, assuming Ms Schiffren's analysis of Dutch emigration is correct* (an unlikely proposition to be sure, but...) Holland is waving goodbye to racists and scolds. Would that we could all be so fortunate.

Read the Telegraph story however, and this seems like a perfectly sensible move, designed to put limits on existing behaviour rather than grant license to public orgies:

"Why should we try to impose something that is actually impossible to impose, which also causes little bother for others and for a certain group actually means much pleasure?", he said.

Amsterdam's beautiful Vondelpark in the centre of city draws hordes of summer visitors, families, skaters and joggers.

But the park's rose garden has become famous as a trysting spot for gay men looking for uncomplicated sexual encounters.

Mr van Grieken stresses that tolerance to "cruising" gays, aimed at protecting homosexuals from violence, will have "strict rules attached".

"Thus, condoms must always be cleared away, it must never take place in the neighbourhood of children's playgrounds and the sex must be restricted to the evening and night-time," he said.

Since it seems unlikely that the costs of preventing any consensual public sex seem likely to outweigh the benefits of doing so (in Amsterdam at any rate),  this seems a sensible, practical, regulatory approach rather than further evidence that Europe is going to hell in a handcart, much though that prospect would seem to cheer many American conservatives. 

*Emigration from the Netherlands, like people leaving London for the countryside, seems much more likely to be a product of the fact that Holland is the most densely populated country in Europe.

UPDATE: Schiffren returns to the subject:

It's funny about those Muslims. Some days I think they need a good dose of sexual liberation. Other days I think their revulsion at current mores makes sense.

So should we be more like Saudi Arabia or less? It's sooooo confusing...

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