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Is Boris Johnson the Tory Party’s George W Bush?

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Ordinarily the useful rule is that the answer to any question asked in a headline is a resounding "No". ("Can Illegal Immigrant's Guinea Pigs Give You Cancer?" or "Was Princess Di Murdered by Cherie Blair's Gurkha Lover?" or "Is there a Secret EU Plot to Hang the Queen?") Still, there are times when the rule can be put aside...

Hence - via Clive Davis - this eye-catching passage from David Aaronovitch's column on the London Mayoral race:

The notion that a Boris administration will, as his website promises every few lines, subject London's finances and procedures to the most rigorous of scrutinies, is beyond parody. I was discussing this problem with a Conservative commentator the other day. His slightly apologetic view was that Boris might be able to surround himself with a good team, who would compensate for his rather obvious lack of qualifications. Then he looked up, caught my expression, and laughed. It was a capital joke.

Hmmm. That's sounds rather familiar doesn't it? Shades of 2000 and all that.

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