Rod Liddle

Is suicide bombing now a Yorkshire tradition?

Life has changed in Dewsbury and Bradford. We've let people there down – but not in the way the bien pensants tell you

Is suicide bombing now a Yorkshire tradition?
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Where would you rather live, Dewsbury or Bradford? I ask because it seems that there are probably some good property deals to be had in this particular corner of West Yorkshire right now, as a consequence of half the population decamping to Syria in order to blow themselves up. I mean, property was pretty cheap already — in Savile Town, Dewsbury, right in the heart of the Muslim ghetto, you can buy a nice grey stone cottage for not much more than fifty grand. Two beds, back yard, only a stone’s throw from the local sharia court and that vast mosque run by those jovial extremists Tablighi Jamaat. But it’ll be even cheaper now, I would guess.

Dewsbury in particular is getting a reputation as Detonation Central — the Muslims there seem ready to blow themselves up at the drop of a hat. Ask one of them the time of day — and boom, entrails all over your jacket. Three of the four savages who carried out the July 2005 bombings in London came from the area, as did Britain’s first really young Islamist extremist, Hammad Munshi. And now there’s Talha Asmal who, at 17, has become Britain’s youngest ever suicide bomber (sub-editors — please check this with one of the McWhirters).

Talha blew himself up near an oil refinery in Iraq, and his family are said to be distraught and shocked. ‘He was just a normal Yorkshire lad,’ one family friend commented, a little incongruously — although I suppose he was pretty much par for the course in that particular swath of the county. Eeeh bah gum, that’s a reet fine suicide belt tha’s wearing, our Iqbal. Meanwhile in Bradford, three sisters and their nine children have gone missing after a pilgrimage to Medina, in Saudi Arabia, and are believed now to be somewhere under the auspices of the Islamic State, in a voluntary capacity. The BBC and the Guardian are terribly concerned about them, worried about their safety. Me — I’m slightly less so, to tell you the truth. In the first place, I don’t see why we should restrict the movement of people wherever they might want to go — they wish to travel the world, do a spot of beheading and be blown up by a US airstrike, I say bon voyage. And if they can encourage a few more similarly minded people to do likewise, all the better. All I would add is — whatever you do, don’t let them back in. Any of them.

There is the usual state of denial in both communities — Dewsbury and, eight or nine miles to the north, Bradford. In the latter case, the husbands of those sisters have moaned that the UK police have done very little to help them find the women. But why should they? It’s a free country. Over here, women are allowed to piss off whenever they want. You don’t like that level of freedom, then go and join them. No, really.

And then there’s Savile Town, Dewsbury — a little quadrant of hell created by arrogant, deluded, well-meaning white liberals infused with the multicultural ethos. Just as the current chaos and bloodshed in Iraq and Syria was brought about, come to think of it. The whites have been leaving Savile Town for years and those remaining were told that they were ‘racist’ if they objected to the changing character of the place in which they had lived for all of their lives. The pubs were closed down, or ransacked by Muslims and then closed down. The local women’s hockey team suffered intimidation when they turned out on the playing fields: the police told them they were a ‘provocation’ to the new local community and to go elsewhere. The local rugby team complained about jagged shards of metal and broken glass implanted in the ground where they touched down. The police told them, nothing we can do — go elsewhere. They went.

A sharia court was set up by Savile Town’s residents, which caused a few headlines nationally — but no matter that this court horribly discriminated against women; the white liberals argued that it was their culture and to oppose it was kinda racist, m’kay? The court is still there, doing its misogynist stuff. Those playing fields, once a source of both pride and recreation, were sold to the aforementioned extremist Islamic movement, Tablighi Jamaat — an organisation which yearns for all of Britain to be Islamic and rejects the notion of western education and cultural assimilation. Sold to the mosque by the local council for — one pound. It is now a vast edifice and Tablighi’s European headquarters. No more rugby and certainly no more women playing hockey. Virtually no white people, either — the area is now 98 per cent Muslim, largely Indian and Pakistani Muslim.

And they have brought their vibrant political culture to Dewsbury, too — there was widespread voter fraud at the local elections there in 2005, with postal votes from Savile Town piling up in favour of one candidate, much to the annoyance of voters who had not been given the chance to fill in their ballot papers. They had been filled in for them. A police investigation ensued and in the end three men were cautioned, that’s all. The same story as in all the areas we have allowed to become Muslim ghettoes: the people there now suffer the same levels of corruption and repression which pertained in the countries they left. Oh, and the grooming rings. I forgot about the grooming rings. So much that this culture has delivered to us — it all piles up and one simply can’t keep track.

The delusions persist. Locals cannot understand how Savile Town has bred a suicide bomber, because Islam is a peaceable religion, isn’t it? But it is true that we have let down the people of Savile Town — and Bradford. Let down the original inhabitants, most importantly. And let down the incomers by allowing community leaders to replicate the political, social and religious culture of Pakistan.

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