Peter Hoskin

It’s so unfair!

It's so unfair!
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I briefly mentioned the exchange between David Miliband and William Hague on the Today Programme earlier, although a little detail deserves its own post.

The to-and-fro discussion went as expected - Hague arguing well for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and Miliband arguing (quite) well against it.  However, when James Naughtie pressed Miliband on whether the Government are opposing a popular vote on the referendum because it's one they'd lose, the Foreign Secretary dropped in this (quoting as accurately as scrambing around for a pen and paper will allow):

"James, I'm sorry you've given William Hague a points victory in the last minutes of this interview."

Which fits in perfectly with the letter of complaint that Labour sent to the BBC, moaning about David Cameron getting an easy time on Today.  

Labour are trying to cast themselves as as the bullied kid in the media playground.  The reason?  It's hard to tell, although I guess they may want to capitalise on public feeling for the underdog, or they may just want to have an ever-ready excuse for poor Ministerial performances on the BBC.  Either way, the approach is neither warranted nor ingratiating.