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J is for Jardine (Who else?)

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Apologies for the (unconscionable?) delay in posting this latest installment. I know this has disappointed some of you. What can I say? Well, the truth is that Firefox ate this post and this set me back a few days as it was some time before I could muster the energy or enthusiasm to write a new version. Still, you can't discount indolence as a factor either.

Anyway, here we are at last. This series has featured teams skippered by: Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, DexterEdrichFry, GowerHutton and Imran. There are some tough cookies in that list, you'll agree, but none sterner than the man leading the J XI onto the field: Douglas Robert Jardine.


1. Sanath Jayasuriya (SL)

2. Archie Jackson (AUS)

3. Mahela Jayawardene (SL)

4. FS Jackson (ENG)

5. Dean Jones (AUS)

6. DR Jardine (ENG) (Capt)

7. Gilbert Jessop (ENG)

8. Ridley Jacobs (WI) (Wkt)

9. Roly Jenkins (ENG)

10. Bill Johnston (AUS)

11. Les Jackson (ENG)

Country representation in the series: England 40, Australia 22, West Indies 13, Pakistan 10, India 9, South Africa 8,  New Zealand 5, Sri Lanka 2, Zimbabwe 1.

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