Jemima Goldsmith: my Tinder has ‘loads of Pakistanis and people with beards’

Jemima Goldsmith: my Tinder has 'loads of Pakistanis and people with beards'
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Jemima Goldsmith's love life has been well documented by the red tops in recent years, with her former loves including Imran Khan and Russell Brand. So Mr S was pleased to hear that - in the name of research - she has been adopting a new approach and experimenting with the dating app Tinder.

Goldsmith took to the stage at Vanity Fair's digital summit to conduct a Q&A with the app's founder Sean Rad. Things started off politely with Jemima, who is the sister of Zac Goldsmith, quizzing Rad over why he had come up with the idea for the app, which has over 50 million active users:

'I think meeting people should be fun. The ultimate aim is to be the place you go to when you want to meet somebody new and sort of make these connections. It''s just such an efficient way to meet new people.'

He went on to add that they are 'constantly thinking about how we can optimise the product' which at present lets users swipe right or left to indicate whether or not they like the profile of the person they see. Happily, Rad need not think too hard on this as Goldsmith has already come up with some ideas on his behalf, after having 'a little experiment on the way here':

'I think there shouldn't just be a yes or a no swipe, this may say something more about me but I think there should definitely be a "maybe swipe". Also why not a Tinder rating like you have an Uber rating. Can't you have a Tinder rating for perverts, weirdos and time wasters.'

While Rad conceded that there is no rating system, like the taxi app Uber uses, he insisted that there was a method behind the matchmaking:

SR: 'We do have ways of tracking behaviour and actually all that information we gather we put into this alogrithm which we use to link people.'

JG: 'So it's not random how you select people because I noticed on the way here I got loads of Pakistanis and lots of people with beards.'

It seems you can never escape the mistakes of the past.

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