Jeremy Corbyn’s brother backs Brexit: ‘the EU is the tool of big corporations and asset strippers’

Jeremy Corbyn's brother backs Brexit: 'the EU is the tool of big corporations and asset strippers'
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The upcoming EU referendum has proved to be a divisive issue for families as well as politicians. With Boris Johnson the lone Out-er among his siblings, another famous family are now to take different sides in the great debate.

Although Jeremy Corbyn is known to have held Eurosceptic views in the past -- recently deleting articles scathing of Brussels from his website, the Labour leader insists that he is backing Remain. However, Mr S understands that his brother Piers is to get behind the Leave campaign. In a series of tweets, Corbyn's older brother has begun to make the left-wing case for leaving the EU:


What's more, Piers -- a climate change sceptic -- is cheering on Labour's Kare Hoey, who is leading the party's Brexit group:


Some of Pier's points on the issue appear to be the type of Brexit arguments his brother Jeremy may have agreed with before he became Labour leader. Piers is pushing arguments about animal welfare -- a cause close to Jeremy's heart --  being of a better standard outside of the EU:


Given that Jeremy warned in 1993 that the formation of the Euro would undermine European countries’ ability to set their own policy, he may well also sympathise with another of Pier's Brexit endorsements:


Mr S suspects that the Corbyn brothers aren't nearly as divided as the Johnson family when it comes to their views on the EU.