Listen: Lib Dem MEP on Brexit Party: ‘They are not a real party’

Listen: Lib Dem MEP on Brexit Party: 'They are not a real party'
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The Brexit Party has convincingly won the European elections, picking up nearly a third of the vote. But it seems that their success still isn't enough for some. One Lib Dem MEP – Barbara Gibson – dismissed Nigel Farage's outfit, saying it is 'not a real party'.

Gibson, who was elected in the East of England alongside three Brexit Party MEPs, said she didn't recognise the legitimacy of the Brexit Party – despite the group getting nearly twice as many votes as the Lib Dems in the region in which she won her seat. Here's what she had to say:

'They are not a real party. They have not even published a manifesto. They could not do this in a general election.'

Interviewer: 'Do you not recognise the validity and legitimacy of those three MEPs?'

'I don't, no.'

Mr S is pleased to see that the Lib Dems have got the message...

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