Peter Hoskin

McBride: unemployable outside Whitehall?

McBride: unemployable outside Whitehall?
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A striking observation from PR Week's David Singleton:

"[Damian] McBride's next move is unknown. Previously, lobbyists have been keen to sign up anyone linked to the Brown's inner circle, but this week it appeared highly unlikely that many agencies will attempt to snare the former special adviser.

Hanover Communications MD Charles Lewington said: ‘I am loathed to kick a man when he is down but he demonstrated a clear lack of judgment and professionalism. I fear his reputation is so badly damaged that only a long period building churches in Rwanda will restore it.'"

Singleton's the journo who had the lowdown on the McBride-Carter wars last year, so it will be well worth keeping an eye on the PR Week website for his insights into Smeargate.  As for McBride, he may struggle to get a job outside of Whitehall; but I suspect he'll end up back in Brown's inner circle before too long.