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Media Disappointed by Hillary’s Clear Victory...

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OK, so Hillary was all over the place on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed driving licenses and, sure enough, that's what Chris Matthews and co focus on immediately. But that's because Hillary won the debate by a mile and a half and it's very important for the media to highlight anything that can be used to keep alive the impression that the race is nerve-janglingly close... hence the discussion on Clinton's admittedly poor response on drivers' licenses. Still, I'd give her some props for not demagoguing the question as tendentiously as the rest of them.

This is also why no-one is talking about Obama's embarrassingly lame response to the very first question of the debate.

UPDATE: Sweet merciful Jesus, why is Chris Matthews obsessed with UFOs? He's asked Kucinich, Richardson* and now Biden about them... "What the heck are we talking about here" asks Biden, not without due cause.

*Richardson says he doesn't believe in UFOs but does think the Federal government has covered-up the incident at Roswell. He wants to promote UFO-tourism so his state can fleece gullible voters Americans.

UPDATE 2: Matthews is also obsessed with the driving license issue. He'd like to deny illegal immigrants driving licenses and then arrest them when they're stopped by the cops and found to be driving without a license. Some Pennsylvania Democrat makes the not unreasonable point that since they're here anyway and they're going to be driving it's not a bad idea that they should, like, know how to drive. "Ha!" says Matthews, "are you going to let them use driving licenses as ID to get on planes?" Because, yes, the flying burrito brothers are a grave threat to national security... For a democrat, Matthews sure is carrying a lot of water for Republicans tonight. What a clown.

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