Douglas Murray

Meet Chen Guangcheng - a hero of the Chinese people

Meet Chen Guangcheng - a hero of the Chinese people
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The other week I had the honour of spending some time with a great hero. Chen Guangcheng is the blind Chinese human rights activist who made world news last year when he escaped from house arrest and made his way to Beijing where he claimed asylum in the US embassy.

Now living in the US with his immediate family, Chen and I had some time to sit down and talk during a brief visit to London. We talked about China, Communism, his extraordinary story and his hopes for his own - and China's - future. He relayed, in unsparing but necessary detail, the gruesome and inhumane reality of the Chinese Communist Party's one-child policy. I also asked him to talk about his opinion of David Cameron and William Hague, who refused to meet with him on this trip.

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