Nigel Farage’s stock rises - as Ukip’s falls

Nigel Farage's stock rises - as Ukip's falls
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Today's figures from the electoral commission show that between 1 October and 31 December 2016, Ukip raised only £33,228 in donations -- just £3,228 more than the Women's Equality Party. However, as the party struggle to attract capital post referendum, Mr S is pleased to report that it's another story for former leader Nigel Farage.

Although Farage once complained that he was poor for a politician, the latest European Parliament register of interests paints a different picture. With his new gigs on Fox News and LBC, Farage has updated his register to include a 'category 4' income for broadcast contracts. This means he is earning at least 10,000 euros a month, which would work out at 120,000 euros a year, or £102,000.

Combined with his day job as an £84,000-a-year MEP and his earnings as a ‘political and current affairs commentator’, which nets him over £4,200-a-month, Farage looks to be earning upwards of £237,000-a-year -- nearly £100,000 more than the Prime Minister.

Perhaps Farage can give his successor Nuttall a few tips on how to turn around the fortunes of his beleaguered party?

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