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Not even kissing cousins anymore...

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One other thing about David Cameron's speech: there was quite a lot in it that mainstream Democrats in the United States would have had little problem endorsing - the environment, the anxiety many people feel about a fast-changing world, the breaking of the military covenant etc etc.

Then again, the Tories have little desire to be associated with the current Republican party.  You can tell how enamoured the Tories are with the GOP by the Republicans who have been in Blackpool this week. Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to give a keynote address (he pulled out at the last minute) but Mike Bloomberg was present and given a prominent speaking position (and praised by Cameron this afternoon).

By contrast, John Bolton who was also by the seaside this week (for some reason) wasn't allowed anywhere near the main hall, consigned instead to the Siberian wasteland of a fringe meeting.

Quite right too since, after all, the Tories would quite like to win the next election.

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