Peter Hoskin

Obama and Cameron: who thought what about whom?<br />

Obama and Cameron: who thought what about whom?<br />
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Remember that New Statesman article about Obama calling Cameron a "lightweight"?  Well, the Journalist Closest to Obama, Richard Wolffe, has a different take.  Here's what he told the Today programme this morning, courtesy of the ever-alert Andrew Sparrow:

"He had a strong impression, a strong reaction, to both Cameron and Brown. It was right at the end of his foreign trip. And he was really taken with Cameron. He and his aides thought that he had energy and verve, a dynamism that suggested he was a good candidate – remember this was a candidate at the time, not a president. And there was bonding that took place which you might not expect of two people at the opposite ends of the political spectrum."

Wolffe goes on to say that Obama's aides found the experience of meeting Brown "faintly depressing".  Glad to have got that one cleared up...