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Oh, Canada...

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I'd been meaning to blog about the Canadian elections but then realised that, dash it, despite Canada actually being an interesting place stocked with charming, affable people I really didn't have very much to say beyond, "hmm, Canada is having another election". The BBC evidently thought so too since the elections didn't make the 10 o'clock news last night. Poor form, I think. Still, it's curious that Canada receives almost no foreign coverage, even in Britain where there are, after all, plenty of people with Canadian relatives or connections.

Anyway, it seems that Stephen Harper has not quite pulled it off. ie, the Conservatives have improved their position, but are still short of an overall majority. On the other hand, it seems to have been another brutal night for the Liberal party, down to just 76 seats.

One thing to be said for Canada this time: their election was a quick affair unlike the American or, increasingly, the British systems. We've got an 18 month campaign to look forward to before the great El Gordo vs the Boy Dave face-off.

UPDATE: As you might expect, David Frum has some good analysis, making the case that this was, in the circumstances, a very good result for Harper.

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