Owen Jones’s masterclass in ‘whataboutery’

Owen Jones's masterclass in 'whataboutery'
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Corbyn cheerleader-in-chief Owen Jones frequently rallies against what he calls ‘whataboutery.’ For those not familiar with the word, it is a technique used to distract people from talking about injustices on your own side by bringing up atrocities elsewhere. Or, in his own words:

It is a charge he frequently aims at his critics on the right. But is Jones guilty of it himself when it comes to the Labour leader? Mr Steerpike thinks so. Last night, as Corbyn's story fell apart over his laying of a wreath on the graves of a terrorist, Jones rose to his idol's defence on social media. But in a bizarre fashion, he quickly moved the discussion from Corbyn to the British government, to Saudi Arabia and then to Yemen. He went on to say that whether or not Corbyn had taken part in a ceremony at a terrorist's grave, it wasn’t so bad because ‘no one has (been) killed by a wreath.’ Well, that certainly sets the bar low.

But Jones' 'whataboutery' didn't stop there. When asked if he would say the same to the widows of the Munich victims, he replied:

Mr S thinks that Jones should take his own advice and ditch the whataboutery...