Fraser Nelson

Piers for Parliament?

Piers for Parliament?
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Could you vote for Piers Morgan? In an interview with Freddy Gray in The Spectator tomorrow, he says he's tempted to stand for Parliament - and it's not such a surprise. He has weirdly inserted himself in the political process in recent weeks, defining Nick "no more than 30" Clegg and giving Gordon Brown probably the best piece of television coverage he will receive - ever. Now he is even considering standing for election. 'I am tempted to run on a ticket of openness and frankness about the problems of this country and not being afraid to deal with them,' he says.

He doesn't have much time for Cameron, describing him as 'a spivvy snake-oil salesman who has got a load of his Old Etonian mates and they're all on a bit of a jolly to take over the country.' But here's the thing. When asked what he'd do to make Britain better, he says:

'Bring back an hour's sport every day for every kid in the country. Not only would you get a generation of Olympians, you'd give them something to do. These kids that drift into gangs [do so] because their father has buggered off, left them with their mums, who are working too hard to be able to look after them properly.'

Now, to me, this says "closet Tory". It's pure Broken Britain, the message that David Cameron has been broadcasting for years now. It's a very powerful message, and one that Piers seems to have taken to heart. If Morgan is serious about entering Parliament - and I very much hope that he is - then the obvious party for him would be the Tories. They will, after all, have some safe seats coming up before the election. So there's still time for Piers Morgan to discover his inner Tory.