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Pizza Wars Continued...

Pizza Wars Continued...
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Yeah, so Megan can't find New York style pizza in Washington. Well, I can't find Scottish pizza here either. I forgot to ask earlier if any readers know of anywhere on the eastern seaboard that does a good, proper deep-fried pizza*?



*Photos from a fine chippie I used to frequent regularly: Piccante on Broughton Street in Edinburgh.  We were spoilt for choice, in fact, since we also had the Rapido 100 yards down the road. Their traditional - that is, only cooked once - pizzas were better but Piccante took the palm for deep-frying. It's also one of the few places I know where, honoring the spirit of Scottish invention, you can purchase a kebab pizza which is then deep-fried. This, I think, must count as one of the culinary wonders of the modern world.

Also: click here to see superb pictures of what happens when you deep fry a Mars Bar.

PS: FX:Cuisine, from whence these photos are lifted, is a splendid blog well worth your attention too. It chronicles the gastronomical adventures of an adventurous Swiss fellow named Francois-Xavier. Heavy on pictures, light on words too, just the way a blog should be...

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