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Podcast: Britain’s jihad, the Pope vs the Vatican, and the existence of ‘The One’

Podcast: Britain's jihad, the Pope vs the Vatican, and the existence of 'The One'
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The View from 22 podcast

[/audioplayer]The murder of James Foley by an Isis fighter ‘with a London accent’ has been treated with understandable revulsion. But we shouldn’t be surprised, says Douglas Murray in his cover piece this week. On this week’s podcast, he outlines how Britain came to be the West's leading producer of 'foreign fighters'. Shiraz Maher, one of Britain’s leading authorities on radicalisation, joins him, and explains why the British jihadis are regarded as some of the most vicious and extreme fighters.

Just what is really going on in Pope Francis’s pontificate? It is true that he is determined to reform his church, but Damian Thompson says that the changes he has in mind aren’t those that liberals might expect. Rather than focusing on divorce and same-sex marriage, he’s actually trying to sort out the finances and to revive the Jesuits. Meanwhile The Spectator’s Freddy Gray argues that the Curia is the heart of the problem, and that is what Francis has to overcome.

Finally, is there such a thing as ‘The One’, or is it just a matter of settling for the person who gets there first? In this week’s Spectator, Julie Burchill argues that ‘The One’ is more like ‘The Queue’ – there’s always someone out there who can replace your partner. Former MP Louise Mensch disagrees, however. She says she has found ‘The One’, and argues that there’s a perfect person for everybody.