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Podcast: the death of childhood and has Hillary gone too far?

Podcast: the death of childhood and has Hillary gone too far?
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Have we lost the age of innocence forever? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Melanie Phillips and Sarah Green discuss this week’s Spectator cover feature on consequences of dropping the age of consent. By teaching sex education at a younger age, are we simply encouraging children to have more sex? Is it too late to regain the age of innocence? And would compulsory sex education in all schools help or create more problems?

James Forsyth and John Bew also look at why foreign matters aren’t featuring more in the election campaign. Why are the party leaders mostly ignoring Britain’s relationship with the rest of the world? Although defence is occasionally getting a look in, with the two per cent NATO spending target, is do any parties really believe in the armed services?

Plus, Bob Tyrell discusses the ongoing Hillary Clinton emails scandal and explains why this is just the latest challenge in her bid to be president. What do her efforts to obfuscate about the scandal show about her attitude to towards the press and the public?

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