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Press bias revealed!

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Matt Yglesias sees Fred Thompson jump into a tie with Rudy Giuliani, despite having next to nothing to offer the country beyond shop-soiled platitudes and observes:

All-in-all I continue to find it surprising that the press seems more interested in the Democratic primary (and I've heard conservatives complain about this, so I'm not making a partisan complaint), which seems frozen in a locked pattern, than in the much more fluid and objectively interesting GOP race.

But there's a simple reason for this: the press assumes that whoever wins the Democratic nomination will also be the next President.

Additionally, the Democratic campaign is at a more advanced stage than th Republican one in as much as the Democrats occasionally show signs of actually talking about issues and even, ye gods, disagreeing on them. From time to time one sees actual debate between Edwards, Clinton and Obama in ways that have not yet happened on the GOP side of the aisle where, oddly, battle has yet to be really joined. (Which is also why Fred can join the race at this lateish stage and not be laughed off the court).

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