Professor of Corbynomics hired to lecture on ‘economics of the real world’

Professor of Corbynomics hired to lecture on 'economics of the real world'
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After Richard Murphy was revealed as the man behind Jeremy Corbyn's economic policies, many were quick to start casting doubts over the duo's credentials. In fact Labour's very own shadow chancellor Chris Leslie dismissed their 'Corbynomics', claiming their plan for quantitative easing amounted to printing money to 'magically deal with all the public service and public investment needs that we have'.

While senior bods in Labour may think Murphy and Corbyn are away with the fairies, the tide may be turning when it comes to the education sector at least. With Corbyn potentially days away from taking charge of the Labour party, one university has decided Murphy -- who is the author of 'The Courageous State' -- makes a whole lot of financial sense.

Murphy says he is pleased to report that he has been appointed by City University as Professor of Practice in International Political Economy in the Department of International Politics.

The 57-year-old accountant will be teaching a course entitled 'economics of the real world'.


Quite what Chris Leslie will make of the appointment is another matter entirely.

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