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Jonah Goldberg:

One thing I would like to know is what it says about Matthew Dowd (a perfectly likable fellow) that he eagerly signed up to work for Bush but now thinks the man's a moron. Makes you wonder about the guy's judgment, to say the least.

OK. I was, perhaps mistakenly, somewhat impressed by Bush when I covered the 2000 Republican convention in Philadelphia. In 2004 I could not stand the idea of John Kerry being on our TV screens every day for four (and it would only have been four) years so, faute de mieux, I suppose I was glad Bush won... But, really, is it not possible - even sensible - tohave changed one's mind since then? And shouldn't it actually speak well of Mr Dowd that he has, apparently, been prepared to do so?

After all, when the circumstances change I'm minded to change my appraisal. Wouldn't you, old boy?

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