Peter Hoskin

Remember to hold Brown to account!

Remember to hold Brown to account!
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A reminder that Boris wants to know which of Gordon Brown's misleading little claims you find the most outrageous.

At the moment, our Prime Minister's statements about inflation are topping the chart.  As CoffeeHouser 'm' puts it:

"Inflation is only 2.1%, or as he will now say, only 2.2%. That is not what my groceries, fuel, energy, rail travel, council tax, water charges, insurance etc. etc. tell me."

Whilst the Lisbon Treaty heads Max Kaye's list:

"Most obvious Lies of importance to voters:

1. The Reform Treaty being 'substantially different' to the rejected Constitutional Treaty. Most people want a referendum."

Keep them coming!  We want to maintain a platform for you to hold Brown to account.  And once you've vented your collective spleens, the Spectator will produce the definitive catalogue of Brown's porkies - or Brownies, as we like to call them...

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