Russell Brand has endorsed Labour again - and the Tories should be worried

Russell Brand has endorsed Labour again - and the Tories should be worried
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Back in the 2015 general election, Owen Jones became the subject of much mockery thanks to a column he wrote suggesting that Tories had reason to worry after Russell Brand endorsed Labour in the election. Given that Brand went on to claimed he had actually 'f--ked up the election' by inviting Ed Miliband to his house, Jones's claim failed to ring true.

But is it a case of second time lucky? As the Corbynites get excited today over YouGov analysis that suggests the Tories will lose seats come June 8, Brand has come out and endorsed the Labour leader. The comedian-turned-revolutionary-turned-comedian has penned a blog for the Huffington Post backing Jeremy Corbyn in this election:

'A Labour government won’t be perfect, it will be operating within a system that opposes its new, manifest agenda to serve the people it will be elected to govern. Jeremy Corbyn won’t be perfect, he is a human being. We have a chance to elect a politician who is committed to serving the people of Britain. To supporting the NHS, public services and educating the young people to whom the future belongs.'

Brand also defends Corbyn over his links to the IRA:

'Even the more ‘controversial’ stuff in his search history doesn’t hold up to scrutiny - meeting with the IRA; he wasn’t at a barn dance in Londonderry downing Guinness in a balaclava, he was perspicaciously acknowledging the necessity for negotiation in pursuit of a peaceful solution. Which is what happened, years later. You could say that he was ahead of his time. Or a leader.'

Still, given that this is the same Brand who believes the economy is ‘not real' (that’s why it’s got the word 'con' in it) and who has suggested 9/11 could be the result of a conspiracy, Mr S suspects it's not an endorsement that will help win the centre-ground.

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