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The first post-election poll shows why Theresa May is staying put - for now

The first post-election poll shows why Theresa May is staying put - for now
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The Sunday papers make grim reading for Theresa May. There's talk of a leadership challenge from Boris Johnson and – embarrassingly – some include mention of No 10 making a 'confidence and supply' arrangement with the DUP. Given that the DUP have since denied that this is the case (instead, talks are ongoing), it does not bode well.

However, there is a small glimmer of hope for May personally in the form of the first post-election YouGov poll. While 48pc of those surveyed say she ought to resign following the disastrous result, on the question of who would make the best Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are now tied. Incredibly, May has demolished the 39pt lead she had over Corbyn on this question at the start of the campaign:


The reason May should be able to find some solace in this is that it confirms the Tories' worst fears: Labour could win power in a second election. The main reason May is currently in No 10 and not at the job centre is that Conservatives are fearful of another election. With momentum with Labour, many in the party think their party would fare even worse if there was to be an election in the Autumn. A Tory leadership challenge would make the prospect of a second poll much more likely.

What's more, the polling is from YouGov – one of the polling companies that accurately predicted a hung Parliament. Make no mistake, May is in a precarious position but the one thing she has going for her is that, however angry her party are with her, she is not as bad as Prime Minister Corbyn.

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