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The Good Colonel 

The Good Colonel 
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I know he is a maniac and we should have had him shot or poisoned years ago; I know that his son is a ghastly arriviste who, worse, is friends with Peter Mandelson. But there is still something about Colonel Gaddafi which gladdens the heart. I first decided I liked him a bit when he insisted that out greatest literary figure was actually an Arab called Sheikh Spear. And his plan to extort billions and billions of pounds from the EU in order to stop African emigration here has a terrific very un-PC chutzpah about it. Here’s what he said:

'Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration, it could turn into Africa.

'We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point.

'At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don't know what will happen.

'What will be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry, uneducated Africans?

'We don't know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion. We have to imagine that this could happen but before it does we need to work together.'

As ever, he is taking the piss – but in the full knowledge that many across our continent will be nodding their heads in sad agreement at a statement which out-racists the most racist Spanish Catholic or Hungarian crypto fascist MEP.