The Melanie Phillips Mail mystery

The Melanie Phillips Mail mystery
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Why was Melanie Phillips ousted as the Monday columnist for the Daily Mail? The Guardian suggests that she was frustrated by the ban on writing about Israel, which is not a restriction placed exclusively on Mel. Meanwhile, the peaceniks over at the Indy claim that Mel’s incendiary appearance on Question Time in June made Paul Dacre hit the red button. The clip above will refresh your memory.

The Indy has an axe to grind (having lost Dominic Lawson, who is tipped to replace Mel); but I hear that it's on the money. A source at the Mail tells me: ‘She played up to every stereotype of the paper, and it got too over the top’. Apparently, after the infamous Question Time, ‘the managing editor took her aside and hauled her over the coals.'

Yesterday, the passing of Mel. Today, a leader defending the BBC. Is there something in the water in Kensington?