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The Spectator Christmas edition - full contents

The Spectator Christmas edition - full contents
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The Christmas issue of the Spectator is in the shops now, but if you don't yet have a copy, here are the contents in full:


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  • In defence of Blairism - Tony Blair
  • Michael Gove interviews the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson interview David Cameron
  • Mark Clarke, Bercow, Sewel: 2016 was a vintage year for the cad - Quentin Letts
  • Yes, Eddie Redmayne played a transsexual. Does that make him qualified to speak for them? - Tom Hollander
  • Our uniting kingdom: how opinions in Scotland and England are fast converging - Leading article
  • If it’s Trump vs Clinton then Hillary’s path to the White House is clear. She can’t be that bad . . . can she? - Christopher Buckley
  • Don’t look now, but Afghanistan is set to become the new Syria - Ahmed Rashid
  • The joy of winter birdwatching (and how it’s changing) - Simon Barnes
  • Physics in seven lessons: a surprise Christmas bestseller - Ian Thomson
  • Charles Moore vs David Hare: a one-act play
  • My surreal Christmas in hospital with a dangerously ill child - William Cook
  • Poll: what advice can you offer for a happy Christmas? Clare Balding, John Rutter, David Cameron and more
  • A Christmas recipe from Ed Balls
  • In memory of Tommy, my lovely Irish hunter - Charles Moore
  • Would you believe it? A selection of ancient faiths ripe for revival - Tom Holland
  • Short story: Mrs Badgery by Wilkie Collins
  • Portrait of the year
  • Christmas Notebooks

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    • Joan Collins
    • A.A. Gill
    • Lynn Barber
    • Ben Schott
    • Anthony Horowitz
    • Columnists

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      • Rod Liddle: Hug, hold hands, light candles . . . then stampede to the right
      • James Forsyth on a European exit strategy
      • Matthew Parris on the big question that Christianity doesn’t answer
      • Hugo Rifkind on his being the Israeli army’s answer to Jason Bourne
      • Mary Wakefield asks whether she can qualify as a cult survivor
      • James Delingole on the things he’ll ban when elected dictator for life
      • Martin Vander Weyer: my Christmas parable
      • Books

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        • Daniel Swift on ‘The Poems of T.S. Eliot’, edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue
        • Ferdinand Mount on ‘The Prisoner of Kathmandu’, by Charles Allen
        • Jan Morris on ‘Deep South’, by Paul Theroux
        • Henry Jeffreys on books with a Christmas theme
        • Mark Mason on ‘A Monstrous Commotion’, by Gareth Williams
        • Nicky Haslam on fashion
        • Kate Womersley on ‘Gratitude’, by Oliver Sacks
        • Owen Davies on ‘The Book of Magic’, by Brian Copenhaver
        • Christopher Bray on Orson Welles
        • Julie Burchill on ‘Reckless’, by Chrissie Hynde
        • Simon Heffer on ‘O Sing Unto the Lord’, by Andrew Gant
        • Matthew Dennison on ‘Cartoons, Columns and Curlicues’, by Osbert Lancaster
        • Marek Kukula on ‘The Great Christ Comet’, by Colin Nicholl
        • India Knight on ‘Perfume’, by Lizzie Ostrom
        • Ian Thomson on ‘Pour Me’, by A.A. Gill
        • Sarah Vine on ‘The Man Who Built the Best Car in the World’, by Brian Sewell
        • Simon Drew ‘Spot the Line of Poetry’ quiz
        • Nicholas Lezard on ‘Nicotine’, by Gregor Hens
        • Matthew Adams on ‘The Importance of Elsewhere’, by Richard Bradford
        • ‘All Change’: a poem by Alison Brackenbury
        • Arts

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          • Art: Tahitian Madonna
          • Illustration: The joy of Beatrix Potter
          • Technology: How Sony was, once, the Apple of its day
          • Cinema: Star Wars for dummies
          • Cabaret: The fleshy delights of Soho’s Raymond Revuebar
          • Opera: Zazà at the Barbican
          • Dance: Bolshoi, the movie
          • Music: The power of the orchestra musical director
          • Cinema: Lily Tomlin dazzles in ‘Grandma’
          • Theatre: Ben-Hur at the Tricycle Theatre
          • Television: The Dad’s Army Story, BBC2
          • Radio: Why we’re living in a golden age of wireless
          • The Heckler: Why so much hatred for Phil Collins?
          • Life

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            • High Life - Taki
            • Low Life - Jeremy Clarke
            • Real Life - Melissa Kite
            • Long Life - Alexander Chancellor
            • Wild Life - Aidan Hartley
            • The Turf - Robin Oakley
            • Mind your language - Dot Wordsworth
            • Dear Mary - Mary Killen
            • Food - Tanya Gold
            • Drink - Bruce Anderson
            • The Wiki Man - Rory Sutherland
            • Status anxiety - Toby Young
            • Spectator Sport - Roger Alton
            • Notes on .... Beyond the Leaning Tower: the wonders of Pisa - Allan Massie
            • Letters
            • Written byFraser Nelson

              Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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