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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson says the city expects George Osborne to do his duty, and explains why Harriet Harman is the parliamentarian of the year.

James Forsyth charts one of the worst weeks in Gordon Brown’s political career, and argues that Brown is in a nigh on impossible position over Afghanistan.

David Blackburn says that the government’s immigration proposals do not address the issue that made the BNP popular, and believes that Ken Clarke must serve in a Cameron government.

Mark Bathgate argues that the government made two elementary fiscal mistakes that have left the economy not waving but drowning.

Lloyd Evans reviews PMQs and sees a parallel universe.

Daniel Korski discloses the helicopter reality.

Martin Bright is back on the chain gang.

Susan Hill is a republican, but hopes the Queen rules a while yet.

Rod Liddle has met his enemies and finds he likes them.

Alex Massie tells some lessons from Glasgow North East.

Melanie Phillips thinks that Florence Nightingale will be spinning in her grave.

And Cappuccino Culture loves Paris.