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The Worst President in American History?

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Thomas Sowell is a clever fellow who has made important contributions to any number of debates. Alas, he seems to have abandoned the ship of sanity to swim with the loonies. A sad business.

A quadrupling of the national debt in just one year and accepting a nuclear-armed sponsor of international terrorism such as Iran are not things from which any country is guaranteed to recover.

Just two nuclear bombs were enough to get Japan to surrender in World War II. It is hard to believe that it would take much more than that for the United States of America to surrender — especially with people in control of both the White House and the Congress who were for turning tail and running in Iraq just a couple of years ago.

Perhaps people who are busy gushing over the Obama cult today might do well to stop and think about what it would mean for their granddaughters to live under sharia law.

The glib pieties in Barack Obama’s televised sermonettes will not stop Iran from becoming a nuclear terrorist nation. Time is running out fast and we will be lucky if it doesn’t happen during the first term of this president. If he gets elected to a second term  — which is quite possible, despite whatever economi

c disasters he leads us into — our fate as a nation may be sealed.

Logically, then, you'd think Sowell must coclude that Obama is the worst president in American history. After just six months! At the very least, this seems a premature verdict. And yet that's where so many so-called conservative intellectuals  - to say nothing of National Review itself - seem to have ended up. To repeat, it's only been six months: what are these people going to say in Years Two, Three and Four of the Obama administration?

But, if Obama really is this dangerous to the United States, wouldn't the US military be justified in intervening? If the army can't save America, who can? And since America must be saved, it stands to reason that the military must do its duty. Surely it can;t be long, that is, before some conservatives start the drumbeat for a coup d'etat in Washington?  Will no-one save America from this treacherous, appalling, more-than-just-troublesome President? Well?

Written byAlex Massie

Alex Massie is Scotland Editor of The Spectator. He also writes a column for The Times and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and other publications.

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